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Downloading the Distribution

The STLinux distribution can be downloaded using a web browser or an FTP client.

Using a web browser

  1. Navigate to the FTP server:, either by clicking on the above link or typing the URL into the browser.
  2. Select the folder containing the release required (for example, to download STLinux-2.4, select the folder called 2.4).
  3. To download one or more RPMs, select the STLinux folder.
  4. Select the folder for the core of the target. For an ST40 core, select sh4. For some of the cores, there is an option to download the version of STLinux with the uclibc library.
  5. Within that folder, select the required RPM files (for example stlinux24-cross-sh4-binutils-2.19.1-41.i386.rpm).
  6. Save that file in an appropriate local directory.

Using command line ftp

For Linux, the most common FTP client is the command line ftp program, although more sophisticated clients such as lftp are also available. Under Windows, there are numerous clients available, including CuteFTP, FileZilla, SmartFTP, or WS-FTP.

  1. Start the ftp client, specifying the address of the FTP server: ftp
  2. Enter anonymous as the user name, and your email address as the password.
  3. lcd to the destination directory on your host machine.
  4. cd to the required download directory on the FTP server. For example: /pub/stlinux/2.4/iso
  5. Enter the binary command to set the transfer mode.
  6. Download the required files, using the get command. If downloading multiple files the mget command may be useful.
  7. When the transfer has finished, use the quit command to exit ftp.

The following example shows how to download an STLinux-2.4 ISO image file from the STLinux FTP site to the /home/STLinux directory on the local PC.

host% ftp
Connected to
220 Welcome to FTP service.
User ( anonymous
331 Please specify the password.
230 Login successful.
ftp> lcd /home/STLinux
Local directory now /home/STLinux
ftp> cd /pub/stlinux/2.4/iso
250 CWD command successful.
ftp> binary
200 Type set to I.
ftp> get STLinux-2.4-sh4-20100401.iso
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for STLinux-2.4-sh4-20100401.iso (512872448 bytes).
226 Transfer complete.
ftp: 512872448 bytes received in 75.05Seconds 4367.31Kbytes/sec.
ftp> quit
221-You have transferred 512872448 bytes in 1 files.
221-Total traffic for this session was 512872448 bytes in 1 transfers.
221 Thank you for using the FTP service on